Castaway for a Day!

So you want to paddle with the Castaways??

Dear friends of the Castaways Against Cancer...

Many have asked us over the years to take part in our annual paddle from Miami to Key West. However, our team has grown so much that we are limited to the number of paddlers that can actually take part in this adventure. After some discussion, we have decided to offer: Castaway for a Day!

Choose your fate:

  • Day 3 - FBO to Dusenbury Grottos a fun 7 mile round trip paddle from Floriday Bay Outfitters in Key Largo to the famed Dusenbury Grotto - once through the Grotto, you will need to paddle back to FBO as the team continues on to Islamorada. *Highly Recommended*
  • Day 3 - FBO to Holiday Isle a 17 mile paddle from Key Largo to Islamorada through some of the most beautiful stretches in the Keys. *Highly Recommended*
  • Day 5 - Sombrero Beach to Bahia Honda The shortest leg of C4D (11 miles), but it covers a significant milestone: crossing the Seven Mile Bridge. For serious paddlers.
  • Day 5 - Grassy Key to Bahia Honda As above, but this is the whole day. (25 miles)
  • Day 7 - Sugarloaf to Key West a 19 mile push through the Saddlebunch Keys. What better way to celebrate the Castaways than to arrive on the beach with the team?! **Please Note** this is reserved for Iron Manatee Level Sponsors or people that raise more than $1000 for the Castaways.
  • Day 1 & 2 - Miami to Key Largo. An arduous Two Day excursion (48 miles) for the advanced paddler. Featuring an overnight stay on Elliott Key, and a meal with 1 Billion mosquitoes. Bring your own camping gear and food.
  • There are various places to join us for short paddling excursions. Check out our Map to see if there is any place you think could work.

By taking part in Castaway for a Day, you agree to the following:

1) You must be 21 and up. Sorry, but the age limit is non-negotiable.
2) First come first served! We have a limited number of spots and have the right to turn down any applicants.
3) Paddlers are asked to raise $500 for the ACS. Details how will be provided.
4) Our number one concern is your health and safety - you must have had a physical in the last 12 months and that you must have doctor's approval to do your segment.
5) We request that you take part in one open water kayak rescue course and be capable of maintaining 5mph for at least a mile.
6) You agree that the Castaways Against Cancer and American Cancer Society are not responsible for any problems or accidents.
7) You will need to sort your own logistics, however, we will assist you in figuring it all out.

Scared yet? Good. If you're still interested... Contact Us. Keep in mind, the Castaways have a long day every day, so we typically keep a quick pace.