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Monica Woll

  • Nickname:

  • Team Position:

    Trail Specialist
  • Years Paddled:

  • Age:

    46 (when I did the trip in '08)
  • Family:

    Married to Frank (of FBO). Our son Nick paddled with the Castaways in '07.
  • Where she's from:

    Born and raised in Washington D.C., resident of Key Largo, FL.
  • Education:

    I attended DC public schools thru 9th grade. The public high school was pretty scary so I followed my older sister to Immaculata Prep, an all-girls college prep school (when there were still nuns)! I got a BS degree in Environmental Conservation at the University of New Hampshire and a Masters in Elementary Education from Nova Southeastern.
  • Work:

    I still help out at the family business, Florida Bay Outfitters.
  • Fun Facts:

    I am a die-hard country music fan now, I was a rocker when I was a teenager and of course, Jimmy Buffet is one of my all-around favorite poet/musicians. Besides kayaking, I love biking, hiking, snorkeling and camping. Iím also a homebody: I love to read, bake, cook and just relax in my Backyard Wildlife Habitat watching the birds, butterflies, squirrels and hermit crabs among other creatures!
  • Essential CAC Gear:

    Any boat I want... I own a kayak outfitter!
  • Additional CAC Gear:

    Food I don't hate.
  • How did you get involved with the CAC?:

    I have known Steve for years - he is one of the original Paradise Paddlers, a paddling club I started with Frank back in 1997. FBO has been a sponsor of the Castaways since the beginning so Steve has been asking both Frank and myself to join the team for years. We are always so busy but this year I was able to commit by making it. I have been telling Steve that I wanted to be his first female team member to paddle the whole trip for years.

Monica, Dues Grotto, 2008