Ozzy's Donation Link

Osmel Valladares

  • Nickname:

    Ozzy, The Whizzard of Oz
  • Team Position:

    Team Acrobat
  • Conch Republic Navy Rank:

    Able Seaman
  • Years Paddled:

    2013 (First Leg to Key Biscayne), 2014 - Entire trip!, 2016 Full Trip, 2017 Full Trip
  • Age:

  • Family:

    My extremely supportive, caring and hard working parents.
  • Where he's from:

    Born in Havana, Cuba. Came to the U.S at the age of five as a refugee!
  • Education:

    Florida International University. Bachelors in International Business and Management.
  • Work:

    Finance Control Analyst at JPMorgan
  • Influences:

    My parents� God grant them another healthy 60 years.
  • Fun Facts:

    In the 10th grade, a couple friends dared me to eat 3 garlic heads for some money. I did it. I ended up smelling like garlic for the next 4 days. A strong garlic smell was coming out of my pores. Had to miss school for a couple days.
  • Essential CAC Gear:

    My contacts. Definitely need those�
  • Additional CAC Gear:

    Knowledge. Knowledge to know what to do when danger looks me in the eye!
  • How did you get involved with the CAC?:

    Simply sent an email to Lou letting him know about my interest in the CAC. I was a little nervous at first, but thankfully it�s lead me to writing this!
  • In his own words:

    "If one day you come to realize that you were not 'enough', it was only because you believed it. You are enough and when no one believes in you, believe in yourself."

(I'm just a rookie and don't have an awesome pic of me kayaking yet.)