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Susan Curry

  • Nickname:

  • Team Position:

    Guest Paddler
  • Years Paddled:

    2015, 2016
  • Age:

  • Family:

    Married to Richard, a part time commercial fisherman.
  • Where she's from:

    Annapolis, Maryland, but I have lived in the Keys since 1972.
  • Education:

    Got a 2 year degree from FKCC IN 1974.
  • Work:

    Owned Stouts Restaurant for 21 years, retired in June 2014.
  • Influences:

    My Daddy, a hard working man raised in the Depression era with a lot of compassion for people down in their luck.
  • Fun Facts:

    Gardening and reading are my relaxation hobbies. Youngest of 3 kids, only girl. My mother thought she got her little princess but my Dad got his tomboy instead. We spent a lot of time appreciating nature.
  • Essential Kayaking Gear:

    My boat, an Eddyline LV, meant for little people, since I am only a little above 5 feet. Paddle is an Aqua Board Sting Ray Carbon; light as a feather.
  • Additional Gear:

    My radio, so I could sing really loud and badly and no one can hear me, recently lost to the deep blue sea.
  • How did you get involved with the CAC?:

    Got involved through ACS. Provided banana pudding for the last 2 years when the guys came into Sombrero Beach for lunch in Marathon. Told them I would like to paddle with them, one of the things on my bucket list when I hit 60.
  • In her own words:

    "I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor. I currently drive for ACS in their Road to Recovery program. I want to see the end to Cancer and the over whelming troubles that go with that diagnosis. With the funds we raise it will happen."

(I'm just a rookie and don't have an awesome pic of me kayaking yet.)