Old News

:: 24 December 2006 ::

The dates are set! Mark your calendar for June 2nd. The Castaways will depart from Virginia Key on their 8th Annual trip to help the fight against cancer. Come join us!

:: 15 December 2006 ::

All pictures from our trip this past summer are finally up! Check them out!!

:: 23 November 2006 ::

Happy Thanksgiving! Best Wishes from the Castaways Against Cancer.

Today is a day to reflect on all of which we are thankful. We thank you all for the wonderful support given to us over the years.

"Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow." - Edward Sandford Martin

"Thanksgiving puts steel into our patriotic veins. It reminds us or our great heritage. It carries us back with numbing nostalgia to that first dreadful winter at Plymouth where less than half the handful of people survived. It speaks in clear, crisp tones of forgotten terms, like: integrity... bravery... respect... faith... vigilance... dignity... honor... freedom... discipline... sacrifice... godliness." - Charles R. Swindoll

:: 2 October 2006 ::

The Castaways have begun preparations for their 8th Annual adventure. We're currently in the process of nailing down our trip dates.

Some small adjustments for the Crew have already been decided: Craig is back in full force, but the 2006 rookie Anthony will be taking Castaway Paternity Leave but expects to be back in 2008.

:: 1 August 2006 ::

The Castaways are pleased to share the announcement of another Future Castaway! Anthony and his wife Robin are expecting their second child to arrive in March of 2007!

:: 1-2 July 2006 ::

The 2006 - AND - 2002 Trip Reports have been uploaded! Read all about our adventures: here!

:: 13 June 2006 ::

The Castaways have completed their annual adventure to the Conch Republic!! We're pleased to say that we surpassed our 2006 goal of $30,000 in donations for the ACS. Thank you all for your amazing support!! Stay tuned as we develop our pictures and write the trip report for our 2006 trip.

And for those of you who may have been concerned... The toilet seat SURVIVED!!!

:: 1 June 2006 ::

In 2004 the Castaways were featured on Miami's own Channel 4 News.
Click on the logo to watch the interview!

(You may need to enable Pop-Ups for the WFOR site)

:: 25 May 2006 ::

After some technical difficulties with the webmaster's laptop, updates on the site have recommenced!

In other news: The Castaways gain a unique following on MySpace!! Check us out and Join our Group!

:: 16 May 2006 ::

In a strange turn of events an emergency recruitment went out for a new Castaway. Along with rookie Anthony Berger, the crew will be joined by multiple Ironman competitor Greg Trainor! A big Sea Hippie welcome to the new Castaways!

:: 9 May 2006 ::

As the Castaways Against Cancer approach their 7th-annual launch date, OB's annual pre-trip routine is underway. The television is now tuned to The Weather Channel... 24-7. His daughter is not allowed to watch cartoons and his wife can't even watch the news. OB is glued to the set, searching for any blip on the radar screen that could indicate a thunderstorm, a hurricane, a waterspout or proof of the Bermuda Triangle. During the commercial breaks, he's packing, unpacking and repacking all of his gear and drilling holes in his toothbrush. This exercise is an effort to keep his kayak as light as possible. On the morning of launch, he will be awake at 3am... the Weather Channel will be blasting and the packing exercises will continue... and inevitably at some point on the trip... he will complain he brought too much stuff.

:: 11 Apr 2006 ::

Where, oh where, is the Castaways toilet seat? Thanks to the handy-work of team webmaster and sauce maker Jeff Croucher, the Castaways Against Cancer added their (skid) mark to the upper Keys last summer. Hauling a 6-foot long PVC pipe and a painted toilet seat over 40-miles, the Castaways installed their masterpiece among the other toilet seats that line a neighborhood channel on the bay side of Plantation Key. Since last year's adventure though, several big storms have blown through: Katrina and Wilma just to name a few. So, the question is: did the toilet seat survive... or was it flushed out to sea?

:: 11 Mar 2006 ::

Craig & Carolyn are proud to announce the arrival of "Future Castaway" Elizabeth Engler! Kudos!! Check out the new addition at "Engler Key".

:: 10 Jan 2006 ::

After battling cancer himself, one of the founding members of the Castaways Against Cancer is making a triumphant return to the kayak trip. Bob Linfors, the team's long-time navigator, was diagnosed in early '05 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He underwent chemo for much of the year, missing the team's 6th-annual adventure in July '05. Since then, he's wrapped up treatment, regrown his hair, regained his physical strength and is returning to his kayak seat this summer. We are overjoyed to have Bob -- back on the boat!


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