Old News

:: 29 November 2007 ::

The 2007 Pictures are FINALLY online!! Click Here to check them out.

:: 12 November 2007 ::

The Castaways would like to introduce each of you to the newest Future Castaways...

Patrick and Patty's

Jason Robert Linfors
Born 23:52 EST November 10th, 2007
6lbs, 2oz.

And young Jason, not so shockingly.. has a full head of hair. Just like his father... used to have. Both mom and dad are doing great.


And in a strange twisty fate:

Greg and Karen's little paddler:

Rowan Elizabeth Trainor
Born 01:51 EST November 11th, 2007
6lbs, 4oz. 19 1/4 inches

Karen's doing fine (so is Daddy Greg). And I'm sure both are quite relieved.

:: 9 July 2007 ::

The 2007 Trip Report is online! Click here to go to the Trip Reports page: The Die Another Day Tour

:: 13 June 2007 ::

We did it!!

The Castaways survived another adventure in the Florida Keys!! Our most sincere thanks to each of you that made this trip possible, and such an excellent success.

We're still shy of this year's fundraising goal, but it's not too late to donate and we're still confident that we will break $40,000!!

In other good news... Patrick was able to join the boys at the halfway point after a happy resolution with his emergency at home.

Stay tuned for pictures and the trip report!!

:: 2 June 2007 ::


Due to the high southerly winds caused by Tropical Depression Barry, the Castaways had to postpone their departure and will leave from Black Point Marina on the 3rd.

Don't worry, we're not happy aboout the delay either...

In other news: veteran paddler Patrick Linfors may have to miss this year's trip due to a family emergency. Please join us in sending prayers for him and his family!

:: 5 May 2007 ::

Please welcome Pedro Almeida as the newest Castaway rookie! Pedro joined our group after reading about our cause here at our website and then contacted OB. We're honored to have him join and further spread the word about the Castaways Against Cancer.

:: 10 March 2007 ::

Planning is well underway for our next adventure! Yet, there has been a small bump on the water.

Our sponsor from last year, The Yellowtail Inn on Grassy Key, after agreeing in January to help us again this year called last week us to inform they were withdrawing their support. We understand that our sponsors cannot always support our cause, but the manner in which our reservation was cancelled was quite shocking. Quite rudely, an employee by the name of Mike explained that, "we're in the business to make money". Well, to you Mike, and to the owners of the Yellowtail Inn and Bonefish resort:

We are the Castaways Against Cancer. And we're in the business of saving lives. Thank you for your support in 2007. Next time... a simple, "Sorry, we can't", would have sufficed.


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