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2008 Pictures Online!

:: 26 October 2008 ::

The 2008 Pictures are online!! Click Here to check them out.


:: 20 September 2008 ::

Folding@Home - Join Team Castaways: Let your computer do the fighting!

Are you one of the thousands of people that leave their computer running at night? Or do you own a Sony PlayStation 3? Do you want to help cure cancer in your own home??

The Smarty-McSmartys at Stanford University are doing research into protein folding (click the link to find out the Wiki-details).

Basically, you download a program to your computer or PS3, and when you're not using your machine, the program crunches numbers for the scientists. Using a method called 'distributed computing' thousands of others are crunching at the same time... resulting in the world's fastest and most powerful computational machine ever conceived (3.17 PetaFLOPS!!! - that's about 3 quadrillion floating point operations per second, or quite a few thousand times more powerful than your computer alone). All this to crack the mysteries of diseases like Alzheimer's, Mad Cow, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and many Cancers and cancer-related syndromes.

To Learn More and Download Folding@home:


Once you download and kick off the program, under 'identity' join team CastawaysAgainstCancer (Team #:148630).

PS... for you 'Terminator' fans, Skynet only ran at 60 TerraFLOPS

:: 18 September 2008 ::

CASTAWAYS 2009 - The Blood, Sweat, & Ten Year Tour

The dates are set! Mark your calendar for June 6th - June 12th. The Castaways will depart from Virginia Key on their 10th Annual trip to help the fight against cancer. Stay tuned to these pages for updates.

:: 10 September 2008 ::

Baby Announcement!

Bob and Sophia would like to introduce each of you to the newest Future Castaway!

Deanna Irene Linfors
Born 11:48 EDT September 10th, 2007
6lbs, 3oz.

Bob reports: "Mama is doing well, the big sisters are ecstatic, and Daddy is drinking a lot of coffee and smiling."

:: 22 August 2008 ::

On Friday, August 22nd, the Castaways Against Cancer were honored at the 2008 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Summit in Orlando, Florida. Castaways Patrick and Greg attended as keynote speakers and the 2007 Die Another Day video was presented for an audience of Relay Chairs and other professionals. Patrick writes:

"There were about 700-people in the room at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando. They opened the general session at about 8:30am with their MC doing a presentation on fundraising. He then segued into our video... the lights went down... and our video was blasted onto two huge screens. At the end, there was loud applause. The MC said something like, "Well, we wonder how these guys do what they do... but we don't have to wonder anymore... the Castaways are here!" With that, Greg and I walked onstage in our denim shirts, carrying a couple of paddles -- and we got a standing ovation. Very cool.

Then the MC did a simple Q-and-A with us for about five minutes. We told our story, told a couple of jokes and gave a shout-out to Carrie and the Lower Keys Chapter. It was very cool for that many folks to recognize us for our success -- and to have that opportunity to share our story."

Well done boys!

:: 5 July 2008 ::

If you're pulling your hair out to see new material from the Castaways 2008 "The Whole Nine Yards Tour", your wait is over! Check out the following YouTube link to see the 2008-2009 movie "teaser". Enjoy!

Castaways - The Movie Teaser

:: 9 June 2008 ::

The 2008 adventure is complete and we're very proud to say that we raised $42,000 for the American Cancer Society!!

After 170+ miles, the tired Castaways landed in Key West making front page news in the Key West Citizen. Stay tuned in the coming months as we compile all of our pictures and stories to share with our supporters. Thank you all for an outstanding year!

:: 24 May 2008 ::

Come take a peek at OB's 2008 interview on CBS News 4 WFOR:

:: 20 May 2008 ::

In an unprecedented year, the Castaways hit the airwaves AND television on the East Coast and Gulf Coast!

Captain Steve O'Brien was interviewed on May 20th by South Florida's News 4 WFOR reporter Jade Alexander.

May 26th, Jeff Croucher will be interviewed by the Mississippi Gulf Coast WLOX News Station's Stacey Cato.

And on May 30th, Patrick Linfors will have an on-air interview with South Florida's own Paul & Ron Morning Show AND News 610 WIOD!!.

:: 7 May 2008 ::

Rumor has it, all NINE Castaways will be going solo this year.

In other news, OB's head explodes.

:: 4 May 2008 ::

Specal thanks to all of you who came out to the 2008 Christopher Columbus High School's CAC block party!

This event continues to be a significant source of our donations to the ACS. Our deepest gratitude goes out to the support from CCHS. See you all next year!!

:: 8 April 2008 ::

Man Overboard!!

Bad news from fellow Castaway Anthony Berger... "It’s with mixed emotions that I have to pull out of the trip and for at least the next several years. As many of us paddle for family members it’s for this reason that I choose to pull out for now. With my work responsibilities I don’t get a lot of time at home and I travel frequently leaving my wife and kids at home." - He-Brew

We understand, buddy. We'll miss you!

:: 14 March 2008 ::

Have about eight and a half minutes to spare?

Check out the Castaways Against Cancer short film: "The Die Another Day Tour" on YouTube.

Here's the direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoO71ibbiXU

:: 14 January 2008 ::

Say "HI" to the Castaways!

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:: 4 January 2008 ::

Happy New Year!! Best wishes from the Castaways. We hope your holidays were merry!

With the age of waterproof digital cameras, we are finally able to enjoy actual videos from our adventures. Here's the January release:

Castaways 2008 - Teaser


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