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Castaways Show Their Stuff In Orlando

:: 12 September 2009 ::

A Letter from the New Captain, Patrick:

"Castaways came up big at the ACS' Volunteer Leadership Kickoff this weekend. The event was for the entire Florida Division - hundreds of key volunteers and professionals from across the state. Rainman and I did get to hang out with Carrie for awhile.

Our part opened the General Session on Saturday morning. They showed a bit of the opening of our 2008 video - and then Rainman and I took the stage. We had a prepared presentation and got some laughs. Rainman was awesome! As we exited the stage, they showed a piece of the end of the video.

We were followed by the outgoing CEO of the Florida Division, who back in the green room, told us he'd seen all our videos. We also met the incoming CEO who spoke - and we were introduced to the National ACS CEO who also gave a powerful and dynamic speech. All of them thanked us personally.

The final speaker was a scientist/researcher. As she got the final applause, Rainman and I walked on-stage carrying my kayak. We had a little schtick planned with the scientist and we got some more laughs.

Anyway, we opened and closed this important meeting and it was incredible to be a part of it all."

Back in the Saddle!

:: 15 August 2009 ::

To celebrate the end of Summer 2009, a handful of Castaways (OB, Patrick, Greg, & Adam) took to the waters of Key Largo for an overnight paddle which turned into a battle of the elements! After paddling from FBO to Lake Surprise, the Castaways were nearly stranded underneath the US1 bridge as the skies opened up. After a few hours, the boys jumped back in their boats and returned to FBO since camping was not an option.

You can pick the weekend... but you can't pick the weather.

2009 Trip Report Online!

:: 18 July 2009 ::

Inquiring minds want to know... what was it like??

Dear friends I welcome you to join the Castaways on their 2009 journey by reading The Blood, Sweat, & Ten Years Tour trip report! Here!!

The Blood Sweat & Ten Years Tour Completed

:: 15 June 2009 ::

We made it! Thank you to everyone who supported our Tenth Annual adventure. Stay tuned for the Trip Report and Pictures!

Castaways On TV

:: 5 June 2009 ::

Check out the latest Castaways CBS4 News Interview!


Across The Universe, It's The Castaways!

:: 4 June 2009 ::

It's been a difficult year for the Castaways, but there is still time! We're far below our goal for 2009 so don't forget to donate!

In other news... it's looking to be another great year for exposure! The Castaways made their audio debut on the US West Coast with an interview of Jeff on "The Mikey Show" San Diego's morning show on Rock 105.3. On Friday June 5th, the Castaways will meet with CBS4 News for their *third* television interview!!

Last but certainly not least, on Friday morning Patrick will meet with long time friends and radio hosts Paul & Young Ron's morning show as well as an interview with 610 WIOD..

The Whole Nine Yards - Tripumentary

:: 30 March 2009 ::

Friends and family, we are pleased to announce the second Castaways Against Cancer 'Tripumentary'. Follow our team in our 2008 adventure: The Whole Nine Yards Tour. The video will be displayed above for the duration of our fundraising efforts. We ask for you patience as it may take a few minutes to load. Enjoy!!

New Year, New Rookie

:: 20 February 2009 ::

Happy New Year! Planning is well underway for the 2009 trip, set to depart June 6th from Virginia Key. Many of the hotels are booked, and camping spots are reserved. The Castaways would also like to welcome the 2009 Rookie Paddler: Heath Harwood! Stop by the About Us page and get to know our newest member!


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