Old News

Wedding Bells - New Orleans

:: 30 October 2010 ::

We are pleased to announce that on Halloween Weekend in the beautiful city of New Orleans, Jeff married his sweetheart, Star, in a fabulous ceremony in Jackson Square. He was honored to have Patrick as his Best Man, as well as Greg and Heath join him as Groomsmen. There was much celebration in the Big Easy, and Patrick even plugged the CAC in his Best Man speech - a proper, hilarious, and touching honor to his and Jeff's 30+ year friendship.

Mazel tov!

(Image courtesy of MKC Photography, Austin, TX.)

Baby Announcement!

:: 24 June 2010 ::

Greg and Karen would like to introduce each of you to the newest Future Castaway!

Ainsley Greer Trainor
Born: Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL
01:40 EDT June 24th, 2010
6lbs, 15oz.

Grandad Croucher reports: "Mother and daughter are doing well. We are blessed once again - thanks be to God!"

The Castaways Land in Key West

:: 11 June 2010 ::

After days of paddling through scorching heat... the Castaways have proudly landed in Key West. We look forward to sharing our tales from our Tenth Anniversary trip soon. Keep in mind, that it is not to late to donate if you have not had the chance. We will continue to keep our donation links live until the Fall so you can support our team.

And if you were wondering... yes, we're going again next yer. Stay tuned to these very pages for news on: 2011 - The Dirty Dozen Tour!

CAC On The Air!

:: 4 June 2010 ::

Things are coming down to the wire for the Ocean's 11 Tour! Along with sorting last minute details (repacking for the 10th time if you're OB), Team Captain, Patrick met with long-time sponsors Paul & Young Ron for an interview! The interview will air on Monday, June 7th during peak drive time! Tune your radio to 105.9 FM in Miami, or listen online at the Paul & Ron webcast around 7-7:30am.

In addition to the radio, WPLG Local 10 News plans to be on the beach for the launch! They've joined us in the past, but this year plan to air a piece on your beloved Castaways!

The New Face of CastawaysAgainstCancer.com

:: 25 March 2010 ::

Welcome, one and all, to the completely redesigned Castaways Against Cancer website! After years of frames and basic HTML, the site has moved to a newer format and a more streamlined look.

Like what you see? Drop us a line via the new CAC Contact page and let us know.

Men Overboard!!

:: 7 May 2010 ::

Some unfortunate news for the Castaways. Two Veteran crewmembers will not be making the annual trek to Key West. Navigator, Bob Linfors, and Team Saucemaster, Jeff Croucher are officially out for 2010. But don't worry, both will be back in 2011.

In other news... Veteran Greg Trainor and his wife are expecting baby number two! And the due date? You guessed it: June. Greg currently claims he's a GO for the trip, but we will wait and see as the baby due-date gets closer and closer.

UPDATE: As of June 4th, after good news from the baby doctor, Karen has given her approval for hubby, Greg, to join the first few days. If the little one decides she wants to escape mommy's belly.. Greg will bail out to head back to Orlando.

Meet The Rookie

:: 25 April 2010 ::

The Ocean's 11 Tour: Our Tenth Anniversary. Also the tour we introduce the newest Castaway, Eric Pino. Eric is proud to finally be joining the team after two years of bugging OB! For the last two summers, Eric met the crew in Islamorada. Stop by his Bio page and learn more about the Rookie!

2009 Pics Online

:: 5 March 2010 ::

At long last... the 2009 Blood Sweat and Ten Years Tour trip pictures are online! Join us on a trip down memory lane. Click Here to check them out.

The Tenth Anniversary Tour

:: 19 January 2010 ::

Greetings and Happy New Year! Planning is already underway for the 10th Anniversary Tour: Ocean's Eleven! The Castaways will push off from Virginia Key on June 5th, 2010! Stay tuned as things heat up for the 11th annual adventure!


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