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Off Season Holiday Trip Report

:: 28 December 2011 ::

Special Trip Report from Team Captain, Patrick. As he and a handful of Castaways brave some chilly weather for an off-season paddle over the 2011 holidays.

Trying some new water and unique weather, one quarter of the Castaways Against Cancer pulled off a holiday paddle in Central Florida.

Hebrew, Rainman, Pylon King and Tire Iron took to the waters of Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Wednesday, December 28, 2011. The temperature at launch was a crisp 48 degrees.

The group pushed off from the Whaley Landing boat ramp just after 10am for the day trip. The mission was an 8-mile run out to Makinson Island.

All paddlers wore jackets. Rainman was in his Santa cap, calculating all sorts of numbers – miles, strokes, etc. (He figured out each paddler on the big trip in June takes about 80,000 strokes.) The Pylon King paddled the Sauce King’s boat and spent much of the trip fishing, rather unsuccessfully. Hebrew paddled the Dutchman’s boat and whined about the performance of the lead sled.

This was the first Castaways mission in fresh water. The guys paddled through lily pads, tall grass and cat-tails. They watched thousands of birds and ducks, which crisscrossed the lake, munching on gnats. Very few fish were jumping, but a handful of alligators were spotted.

The weather was impeccable. Fears about the cold making the paddle unbearable quickly subsided as the paddlers started putting water behind them. The cool breeze mixed with a brilliantly clear sky and the right jacket made for a comfortable combination.

The paddle out to the island took about 3-hours. The breeze was in their face, but the light chop was manageable. The biggest challenge was making sure we were paddling to the right spot, which we did.

Lunch on the island was wonderful. Makinson Island is a great spot – it has a dedicated fire ring, several campsites, a bathroom and a pavilion with picnic tables. A fire was started and the few hours on the island were totally relaxing.

On the paddle back, the breeze calmed and the water was brilliantly flat. The paddle out had taken 3-hours, but the paddle back only took 2.

As the Castaways loaded up their boats, they got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset on Lake Toho. 16-miles done. A day of training complete. And plans discussed for a successful 2012.

2011 Relay for Life Summit - Orlando

:: 15 September 2011 ::

A Letter from the Captain, Patrick:

"As you may or may not recall, the ACS has an annual statewide event called the Relay Team Development Summit/Volunteer Leadership Kickoff. For the past few years, it's been held in Orlando and I've had the opportunity to represent the team at the event. Few years back, Rainman and I were featured guests. This year, I've been given the honor of serving as the emcee of the event.

"It was an incredible experience. There were about 1,000 people there - fired up about Relay for Life. We learned 2-big things I wanted to share. Out of 300+ Relay events in Florida, the Lower Keys - the one we raise money for - is #4 - up from #9 last year. That's in big part because of us. There are 83-teams in the state that raised more than $15,000. The ACS calls these teams the "Teams of Excellence." Our team is ranked #5 for fundraising in the state. Very, very cool."

Well done, Captain! Well done, Castaways!!

very cool indeed


:: 08 August 2011 ::

It happened again... maybe. The Viceroy and Captain have notified this office in good faith and sad hearts that there has been a pilferage of decency, a mishandling of justice, a deconstruction of liberty: the Castaways Toilet Seat has possibly been removed! If you have been through toilet seat pass recently, please let us know if our seat and time capsule are still there! Thanks!!

Goooooaaaaal! - The CAC Arrive Safely in Key West

:: 18 June 2011 ::

Dearest Friends and Family... from the bottom of our hearts and the depths of the blue waters of the Florida Keys, we thank you for another amazing year. We are pleased to announce that the 2011 Castaways Against Cancer, Dirty Dozen Tour, is complete. And if that wasn't enough to celebrate, we surpassed our 2011 fundraising goal of $40k, ending up with over $41,000 for the fight against cancer!!

We are truly honored by all of the support in making this such a successful year.

To top off the coolness, as the team paddled in to Key West, our good friends with the Conch Republic Navy provided the team with an escort by the Conch Republic Navy Flagship: WOLF, under the command of Admiral Finbar, First Sea Lord, and Supreme Commander of the Fleet. They fired two cannon rounds to welcome the team to Key West and led us to the Capital City of the Conch Republic. One heck of a day at sea!

See you next year!

Swamp Brothers Premier

:: 05 May 2011 ::

Our very own Rookie Castaways Robbie and Stephen Keszey have lept into stardom! On Friday, May 13th @ 10PM, be sure and tune your TV and DVR to the Discovery Channel to watch the boys in the premier of their new show: Swamp Brothers! We're proud to have these two guys on board, and if we're lucky, we might actually be featured in an episode of the show!

UPDATE! - There will be a sneak peek of the show on Tuesday, May 10th at 10pm after Deadliest Catch!

Watch the trailer here:

For more details, check out the Discovery Press Page about their show: here.

CAC Kick-off Party 2011

:: 29 April 2011 ::

Friends of the Castaways, you're invited... mark your calendars for Thursday, June 9th, 7 - 11:30pm, as the Team celebrates our 12th-Annual Adventure with a Kick-off Party Extravaganza in Coconut Grove!

If you're interested in joining us for the party, please RSVP via our Contact Page. Once we receive your inquiry, we will send you the details of the location.

Join the team for a celebration at the home of Eric Pino, a member of the Castaways. Bring your good vibes and make sure the buckets that hold the cancer-fighting dollars don't go empty.

The team's mission is to help find a cure and to honor those who've fought the fight. Drink, be merry, and no surrender!

**New Launch Site**

:: 27 March 2011 ::

Attention All Launch Attendees!!

In an effort to attract more local attention to our cause, Sophomore Castaway, Eric, established an excellent contact with the author of the Coconut Grove Grapevine. To solidify the deal for coverage on the Grapevine, we agreed to move our launch site from Virginia Key across Biscayne Bay to the mainland by Dinner Key, in Coconut Grove.

If you plan on attending the launch at 0600-0700 on Saturday, June 11th, please take note of this change! The new launch site is now officially from: Kenneth M. Myers Bayside Park. The park is located just south of the Coconut Grove Convention Center on S. Bayshore Drive and SW 27th Avenue.

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Battle on the Bayou

:: 12 March 2011 ::

Making a showing in the Second Annual "Battle on the Bayou", Mississippi Castaway, Heath (a.k.a. Creak) decided to take on 200 paddlers in a 9.5 mile kayak & canoe race on Old Fort Bayou, Ocean Springs, MS. The wild bunch of Mississippian folks were donned in an eclectic array of headgear which included foam pirate hats, loud baseball caps, floppy fisherman hats, and psychedelic do-rags.

The first paddlers to crossed the finish line after 1 hour and 14 minutes... our CAC representative completed the race in just under two hours. He guesses he was in the top 20. Go Creak!

Besides just being a simple race, the BOTB generates proceeds "to benefit the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain, whose mission is to conserve, promote, and protect the open spaces and green places of ecological cultural or scenic significance in the six coastal counties of Mississippi." - April Havens, The Mississippi Press

Spring Training 2011

:: 06 February 2011 ::

The 2011 Castaways Spring Training has been set! On the weekend of May 14th, a few of the FL based crewmembers will gather in Central Florida to launch from Merritt Island for an overnight on the Indian River. All are invited, but be warned, many butts have been kicked on this little excursion... "You can pick the day, but not the weather."

Happy New... Pictures Uploaded!

:: 27 January 2011 ::

Happy New Year to the Friends and Fans of the Castaways! We hope this new year brings you peace, love, and happiness. And without any further ado... We finally present the 2010 Pictures of The Ocean's Eleven Tour!

Click Here: 2010 Trip Pics

Stay tuned to these very pages for updates on our 2011 Trip: The Dirty Dozen Tour. We guarantee it will be one heck of a year!


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